CLASSITE's Philosophy


Experimental version 01 (but all the submissions are safely saved)


CLASSITE's Philosophy: A discography is not merely a list of records. A real Discography is a list of recorded performances. Once there is a recording (performance), a record is made using that.


How to check an edition (record)
How to check a performance (recording)
How to check a person (composer, artist)
How to check an ensemble
How to check a composition
Add existing item to your collection 
Add similar item to your collection
Add new person (composer or artist)
Add new ensemble
Add new composition
        Add new part (movement) to existing composition
        Add arrangement to existing composition
        Add new part and arrangement to new composition 
Add new performance and track list 
Change scoring at performance
Add new item to your collection


Group 18 (1)

Group 17_1


When you compose a track list using performances, check to see if all the persons / ensembles and compositions involving the performance exist in the Classite database.

Check external source (e.g. google search) to confirm information about artists, composition, and etc. 

For the full enjoyment of cataloging your collection, we recommend that you use your screen is 
set to 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Keep this page open until you get familiar with the CLASSITE structure.


The record will be integral part of Logo if you add track list.

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