Intellectual Property Policy

MIKZOL Kft. is committed to the protection of intellectual property, whether it belongs to us or to you. We maintain compliance with Hungarian intellectual property legislation, as listed below:

Act no. LVXXVI of 1999 on copyright

Act no. XCIII of 2016 on the joint management of copyright and adjacent rights

Government Decree no. 216/2016 (VII. 22.) on the detailed rules of the operation of joint rights management bodies and independent rights management bodies and the procedures associated with rights management

Government Decree no. 138/2014 (IV. 30.) on the detailed rules governing the use of orphaned intellectual property

Decree no. 26/2010 (XII. 28.) of the Minister for Public Administration and Justice on the detailed rules governing the voluntary registry of works maintained by the National Office of Intellectual Property

Government Decree no. 156/1999 (XI. 3.) on the organisation and operation of the Copyright Expert Body

Decree no. 19/2016 (IX. 5.) of the Minister of Justice on the rules governing the administrative service charges payable for the procedures associated with the granting of permits for joint rights management activities conducted as a representative joint rights management organisation and the reporting of the rights management activities of joint rights management organisations and independent rights management organisations

Government Decree no. 117/2004 (IV.28.) on the specification of the method and conditions of broadcasting to and the provision of access for certain members of the public in the case of free use as regulated in Article 38, paragraph (5) of Act no. LXXVI of 1999 on copyright

Decree no. 14/2011. (IV. 7.) of the Minister of National Resources on the data required for calculating and dividing the royalties due to authors for lending in public libraries and the public libraries obliged to provide such data

Government Decree no. 158/2000 (IX. 13.) on the specification of the range of devices used for reprography

Act no. CVIII of 2001 on certain issues associated with electronic trading services and services associated with the information society

Act no. V of 2013 on the Civil Code, in full

Act no. C of 2012 on the Criminal Code (Criminal offences against intellectual property, Articles 384–388; Article 419)

Act no. XXXIII of 1995 on the patent protection of inventions

Article 184/A of Act no. LIII of 1994 on court executive powers as regards the execution of court resolutions brought in legal action launched due to intellectual property infringements

as well as industry best practices.

We also require our users to commit to the protection of our intellectual property as well as the intellectual property of other users.

To report a copyright infringement, contact us by completing our Support Request Form.

To report any other types of intellectual property infringement, please contact us by completing our Support Request Form.

We reserve the right to terminate account privileges of users that are subject to repeat notices of intellectual property infringement.

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