Sales and Transactions Guidelines

Payments and Fees

All activities conducted on the CLASSITE website are governed by the General Terms of Service.


By accepting the CLASSITE Payment Regulations, you also accept the conditions set out in the present Sales and Transactions Guidelines.

PayPal Payments

If you accept payments through the PayPal service, you must comply with the following rules in relation to every order:

  1. Issue the invoice for the Customer directly on the CLASSITE page (the use of third-party billing systems or PayPal accounts is not permitted).
  2. Do not accept or solicit payment as a gift, payment as a friend, or payment directly via PayPal address.
  3. Do not accept or solicit additional funds as reimbursement for fees charged by PayPal.
  4. PayPal must be offered to all regions that you ship to. It is not permissible to only allow PayPal payment from some regions, but require other regions to use a different payment method.

Prohibited Market Practices

Engaging in any of the practices listed below shall have consequences, including, among others – but without limitation – temporary or permanent marketplace restrictions, restriction or cancellation of the account, or other measures that CLASSITE deems necessary.

Fee evasion

All orders initiated on CLASSITE must be completed on the CLASSITE page, and an official CLASSITE bill is to be issued. Fee evasion includes the following practices, among others:

  • Cancellation of completed and valid orders (including agreements concerning later pick-up in person or in a store)
  • Accepting sales via private messages instead of channelling customers to the sales list of the marketplace
  • Accepting or soliciting direct payment via the Private Messaging system
  • Discussion or links on profile pages, sales lists and under comments on the product that redirect customer from the ordering system on to a personal, third-party or commercial website

Guidelines concerning prohibited items

Using for soliciting, purchasing, selling or trading in prohibited objects and assets is strictly prohibited. Such items include:

  • Digital files (e.g. mp3 or FLAC files);
  • Items blocked in the CLASSITE marketplace
  • The items specified in the Prohibited Marketplace Item Guide
  • Contraband, forgeries, pirate copies or recordings that are not compliant with the internationally accepted, customary copyright laws
  • Items that do not match the CLASSITE database entry used for creating the sales list exactly

Unwanted advertising and promotions

Use of services for advertising goods and services outside the CLASSITE Marketplace, and inappropriate use of the services of for unwanted promotion offers, online abuse and other offences is prohibited.

Unwanted advertising and promotions include the following, among others:

  • Advertising of products or services that are not related to the CLASSITE market – this is prohibited in public profiles as well as in the forum and in groups
  • Establishing communication with members of the community through the service with a view to promoting sales on the websites of third parties
  • Use of discographies for the commercial promotion of artists, brands or record companies (unless CLASSITE is shown as the source)

Taxes, fees and minimum requirements for placing orders

Charging the following fees and surcharges, and applying a tax policy are strictly prohibited:

  • Charging Customers extra to cover payment service fees (e.g. setting higher prices for orders paid by PayPal to compensate for PayPal fees
  • Setting minimum order amounts or other minimum order requirements (e.g. “Minimum order EUR 10”)
  • Sellers required to pay regional sales tax or any other form of sales tax may not add the tax to the price of the product after the purchase
  • In cases when CLASSITE is obliged to charge VAT on the sale prices, Sellers may not add the amount of that tax to the product price after the order is placed

Drop Shipping intermediaries

Drop shipping, or acting as an intermediary between suppliers and Customers is acceptable as long as the practice does not infringe any of the items listed below:

  • The Seller that lists the product to be sold must be shown as the seller of the product in all sales and administrative systems.
  • Seller must be identified as the seller of the products on all packaging sheets and brand markings, as well as any other information material associated with sales
  • Seller shall receive and process products returned by Customers
  • Seller must comply with all other requirements of the Sales and Transactions Guidelines and all other applicable CLASSITE guidelines.

Please, also take the following into account:

  • All products listed for sale must be available for immediate sale as confirmed inventory
  • All products purchased must be delivered through the Seller who listed them. Direct involvement of a different supplier is not permitted.


Failure to comply with the requirements detailed above may result in the suspension or termination of sellers’ entitlements.

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