Auer,Leopold: Tchaikovsky: Melodie - W.B.Stein pno
VICTOR C 24114

General information
Released: 1920
Number of records: 1
Features: single sided
Format: 78
Size: 12"
Sound type: M

Private edition: one each were given to Heifetz, Zimbalist, Elman, Eddy Brown, Rabinof, F. Steinway and a few pianist friends. The discs state "Victor Special Record" on a white label and have "to my musical children" inscribed on each by Auer. The recording date was earlier than the date on the record. The record numbes is the matrix number.

Side 1
Souvenir dun lieu cher, op.42, TH.116, 1878, 3. Mélodie, E♭, Edition for Violin and Piano
Leopold Auer - Violin
Victor Studios, Camden