Benny Goodman

Composer , Conductor , Clarinet

Benny Goodman


Born: 1909-05-30, United States

Died: 1986-06-13, United States

Information: Wikipedia

5 Performances
5 Performances All items
1940-05-14 in New York
Timings: 00:17:10
Prelude, Fugue and Riffs
1963-05-06 in Columbia 30th Street Studio, New York
Timings: 00:07:48
Benny Goodman - Clarinet
Columbia Jazz Combo - Jazz Ensemble
Clarinet Concerto
1950-11-06 in New York
Timings: 00:17:00
Rhapsody in Blue
1942-11-01 in Studio 8H, New York
Timings: 00:16:05
Arrangement for Clarinet and Orchestra
1966-06-18 in Orchestra Hall, Chicago
Timings: 00:02:33