Eugene Goossens

Composer , Conductor

Eugene Goossens


Birth/native name:
Eugene Aynsley Goossens

Name variations:
Sir Eugene Aynsley Goossens

Born: 1893-05-26, United Kingdom

Died: 1962-06-13, United Kingdom
Information: Wikipedia
11 Performances
11 Performances All items
Concerto for 2 Violins
in Wembley Town Hall, London
Timings: 00:16:49
Violin Romance no.1
in Wembley Town Hall, London
Timings: 00:07:22
Violin Romance no.2
in Wembley Town Hall, London
Timings: 00:08:44
Violin Concerto
in Music Hall, Cincinnati
Sinfonía sevillana
in Sydney
Timings: 00:06:40
Symphony no.2
in Great Hall of the University, Sydney
Timings: 00:33:31
Corroboree, suite
in Town Hall, Ashfield
Timings: 00:17:08
2. Schlussszene von Goethes „Faust“
in Music Hall, Cincinnati
Petrushka (Pétrouchka), burlesque scenes
1923-12-21 in Rooms 1 & 2, HMV Studios, Hayes
Timings: 00:30:17
24 Editions
24 Editions All items