Robert Russell Bennett

Composer , Conductor , Arranger

Robert Russell Bennett


Born: 1894-06-15, United States

Died: 1981-08-18, United States

Information: Wikipedia

11 Performances
11 Performances All items
A Song Sonata
1955-12-17 in Radio Recorders, Hollywood
Timings: 00:07:38
Cole Porter Medley
Timings: 00:05:06
Hexapoda (5 Studies in Jitteroptera)
1945-11-29 in World Broadcasting Decca Studios, New York
Timings: 00:07:07
Arrangement for Violin and Orchestra
Timings: 00:01:44
Arrangement for Brass Ensemble
2007-07-07 in Sun City Hall, Koshigaya
Timings: 00:15:50
A Symphonic Portrait (suite)
1945-03-27 in Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh
Timings: 00:23:41
A Symphonic Portrait (suite)
1967-01-05 in Town Hall, Philadelphia
Timings: 00:25:00
A Symphonic Portrait (suite)
1952-12-14 in Cyrus Northrop Memorial Auditorium, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Timings: 00:24:00
A Symphonic Portrait (suite)
1982-10-26 in United Artists Auditorium, Detroit
Timings: 00:23:53